Aerial Perfection

Change your perspective.


Opening up a whole new world when
deciding shot lists.

The Drone can offer productions a whole new world of options when it comes to shooting. Main unit or second unit shots can be quick, easy and relatively low budget when compared to other options.

With operating limits as far as 150M high* and 500M away from the pilot the shots that can be achieved are simply amazing. From big wide establishers, to tracking a moving object at up to 50mph, or even transitioning from inside a building to the outside (or vice versa).

*Can be increased with prior permissions.



Short set-up times and reliable footage.

Using a Drone has never been quicker or easier, we have developed systems to ensure we minimise set-up times and ensure every shot is the best it can possibly be.

Initial set-up times are as short as 15 minutes, with each flight after that taking only a few minutes to change over batteries. We use state of the art brushless gimbal camera stabilisers with the Drones to ensure that every shot is super steady
and smooth.

Ground Control.


Full Control over Iris, Zoom,
Aperture and Trigger.

Using state of the art, wireless follow focus equipment and advanced triggering techniques, every aspect of the camera’s functionality can be controlled from the ground. This equipment, combined with a full HD wireless video feed and a remote 3 axis brushless gimbal head allows for amazing creative control over the camera’s movements and the finished look of a shot.

Release the Hounds WireCam

Multiple Cameras.

Amazing possibilities

Rig a full range of cameras, including
RED Epic, Alexa Mini and more.

Using DJI gimbals as advanced 3 axis remote camera heads means that we can mount a variety of cameras onto the Drone. This means that no matter what cameras you are using on your production, we will be able to find a solution that best suits your needs.

Cameras such as the RED Epic and Alexa Mini can be mounted with ease, alongside essential accessories such as Matte boxes, Wireless follow focus and Wireless video feeds.


  • Max flight time: 12 minutes
  • Max working height: 450ft (without prior permission exemption)
  • Max working distance (Linear): 500 meters
  • Set up time: 15 minutes
  • Min number of operators: 2
  • Weather limitations: Wind speeds over 20mph and heavy rain
  • Camera capability: Any camera and lens combo up to 6kgs
  • Weight: 7kg – 15kgs (depending on aircraft)
  • Operating noise level: 85 Decibels


Please do not hesitate to get in touch to find out more information about how we can bring advanced camera techniques to your next production.